Balloons released to remember child who died in accidental shooting

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Friends and family of a four-year-old boy killed when he accidentally shot himself this past weekend honored his life Thursday.

Those who knew Codrick McCall, Jr., gathered at the K3 Creative Center Childcare to give him a special send off. They released balloons in his memory.

Codrick died in what law enforcement has thus far called an accidental shooting in north Harris County.

His family, teachers and school mates all talked about why it was important for the children to remember Codrick this way.

"Most important thing he liked doing was coming to school," said Dann Beal, Coddrick's grandmother. "When he'd first come to school, he's say 'Good morning everybody' and 'Hello Ms. Lisa.' He's just a lovable child."

"They played together every day and to come to school every day now and he's not there, a lot of them are going to ask where's Codrick and why's he not here," said Angie Adams, Codrick's teacher. "A lot of them don't understand."

His teacher at the daycare said she talked to the kids about gun safety. One child told her he had a toy gun but that he was going to go home and throw it away.

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