Car towed during flood? Here's how to find it

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Houston's Office of Emergency Management reported 28 weather-related rescues from Saturday night until early Sunday morning. All but 4 of those involved cars that stalled in high water.

It doesn't surprise tow truck driver Kirk Jackson.

"They keep saying don't go out when it's flooding, but people don't listen," he said.

But even he believes more people are getting the message.

"They stayed home. It was a weekend when this happened. If it was on a weekday it would have been a lot worse," Jackson said.

His benchmark was the Memorial Day flood, that clogged freeways, stranding drivers for hours on the north freeway, where the bayou spilled onto the interstate.

"I towed 50 or 60 cars there," he said. "The work lasted for four days."

This time, he had only a few calls, as well as a near-call himself.

"I was on 288 last night, and there was water on the ramp. It was dark, and I nearly missed it. Some other cars did not. They stalled out in dangerously high water," he said.

On Sunday, one of his customers was on Lockwood beneath the Gulf Freeway, which is a notorious high water location during even moderate rainfall.

Dahan Khan said, "I was in a hurry to get on 45. I saw some water but didn't think it was that deep."

The mini stalled in about 4 feet of water. His nephew says his uncle will be more careful from now on.

Khan wasn't injured, but there is a price to pay. Jackson expects the van to be a total loss.

"Flood damage," he said.

If your vehicle flooded, and it was removed, you can located it on
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