Car stolen from McDonalds with woman inside on Houston's north side

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- This all started at a McDonalds in north Houston. The woman taken against her will was eventually dumped at a Shell station.

It all ended with a crash just up the road. Police say the whole ordeal began when the mother got the wrong drink at a McDonald's. She went back in and left her car running with her special needs adult daughter sitting in the backseat.

The man who stole the car had a gun and used it to threaten the woman inside the car. He pointed the gun at her and said get out, but she couldn't get out because the cars back seat doors were child locked.

So he got out, opened the door and shoved the woman out at a Shell station down the street. The guy took off and sideswiped another man's car.

Police tailed him until he crashed at a shopping center on Airline Drive and East 26th Street.

Back to the mother, when she realized her car was gone with her daughter inside she screamed for help. A nearby man gave her a cell phone to use.

The woman called her brother after she was shoved out of the car. He told Eyewitness News the family is very upset because he says his sister is also fighting cancer.
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