DPS office in SW Houston closes after car slams into building during driving lesson

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- One by one, people drove up to the South Gessner Department of Public Safety Office to get a drivers license, take a test, or get an ID. They were all turned away.

"Nobody's telling us the reason why," said a frustrated Doug Hester, who got off work early to take a bus driving test.

When Eyewitness News told him it was because of a car crash, he was certainly surprised.

"Really? That shouldn't stop people from coming in and applying for these licenses and whatever test they need to take," he said.

In reality, a side wall to the DPS office sustained damage. Officials tell us it happened on Sunday night. Apparently, a husband was teaching his wife how to drive, and using the empty DPS parking to practice. Somehow, the car ended up plowing into the side of the building. Repairs have just begun.

For those with pre-scheduled driving tests, there was a reprieve. The road tests went on as scheduled.

"I didn't have any experience with that because we had an appointment so I guess we were lucky," said Ginger Hardy, who took her twins to get their driver's licenses.

Everyone else had to go to another local DPS office. Many were directed down I-69 to the Rosenberg office.

"They had told us they were closed temporarily, and they advised for us to come over here," said Corey Burton.

Workers at the Rosenberg office say the traffic was a bit heavier, but manageable.

DPS plans to reopen the South Gessner office on Tuesday.

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