Huntington Beach man wins $1 million with $25K lottery winnings

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A retired Huntington Beach postal worker won $1 million from scratch tickets the same day he deposited $25,000 in lottery winnings into his bank account. (KABC)

Oscar Sosa may just be an expert on winning the lottery. The Huntington Beach resident has tested his luck every week since 1986.

After playing a $20 scratchers ticket in April, he couldn't believe his eyes.

"There was a $1,000 each on each one, so it was $25,000, which is a lot of money," Sosa said.

Despite winning the hunk of cash, Sosa didn't walk away. He took $200 from his winnings and searched for another lucky place to buy more tickets.

He found a small smoke shop in Fountain Valley. The owner says his customers win all the time.

"$500 or $100, every day, every day," store owner Tham Tran said.

Sosa bought ten "50X The Cash" tickets. On the ninth one, he got a surprise he'll never forget.

He scratched the matching number to the $1 million prize.

"Never in my life that I would think that I would ever have that in my hands. It's just unbelievable," he said.

Sosa retired two weeks ago, after 30 years with the U.S. Postal Service. He says he'll talk to a financial advisor about his winnings after he makes a small purchase.

"I've always wanted the H3 Hummer," Sosa said.

Now that he's won twice, most would quit while their ahead, but not Sosa. He plans to keep playing.

"If I get lucky again -- I doubt that I will, but never say never," he said.
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