Deputy attacked in Florida traffic stop gets assist from Good Samaritans

WINTER HAVEN, FL (KTRK) -- Three men are being credited as heroes after they jumped in to stop a man who attacked a Sheriff's deputy in Florida.

The incident happened Sunday morning when Polk County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Walsh attempted to stop a motorist who nearly ran into his motorcycle after running a stop sign. ABC affiliate WFTS-TV reports the driver eventually stopped his car, ignoring the deputy's instructions to remain in the vehicle.

The three men then witnessed the suspect, Corey Johnson, spring from his vehicle and begin punching Walsh in the face and head. The suspect then dislodging Waslh's radio headset before knocking the deputy to the ground.

"He just got out of the car and started beating the officer and then got on top of him beating him," recalled bystander George Cooper. "When I see people fighting a police officer, I am going to stop and help."

The three men said Johnson straddled the deputy, beating him as he attempted to remove gear from the deputy's belt. Walsh held firmly to his firearm to prevent Johnson from pulling it before flipping the suspect off of him. Johnson fled the scene on foot.

Antonio Velazquez, a driver who came upon the scene, attempted to tackle Johnson, who was taken into custody with the assistance of the deputy and a third man, Christopher Carver.

"Him, (Walsh) and the other guy were rolling around in the center median," said Carver. "By the time I had gotten out of my car they'd crossed the westbound lanes."

The Sheriff's Office said Walsh's taser and radio microphone were broken during the fight. The deputy suffered a broken thumb, and numerous bruises and abrasions.

All three men said they weren't looking to be heroes, they simply wanted to help an officer in need.

"I am not out to look for no hero stuff, none of that stuff, all I wanted to do was just help that officer because that boy would have killed him," said Cooper.

Johnson was wanted on several active warrants.
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