Burglars steal priceless jewelry from Spring home

SPRING, TX (KTRK) -- A burglary victim is going to great lengths to get back the family heirlooms that were taken from her home.

"I dropped to my knees outside on the concrete and started bawling and screaming 'Please God, no. Please no,'" said Taylor Cauthen when she found out that he deceased mother's jewelry box was stolen. "She did not wear a lot of makeup. Her jewelry was her items. It was what made her."

Taylor said on Friday, someone broke into her family's home through a back patio window. Once inside, they went to her father's bedroom and looked under the bed. That's where she said her mother's jewelry box was kept, next to her urn. Inside the box, diamonds and pearls worn by her late mother and passed down to her.

"I already lost that life. You just took the rest of it," said Cauthen. "These are just things that I don't think somebody knew what they were stealing."

On the ground, Cauthen said she found just a few jewelry beads and her mother's girl scout badge.

"This is everything I have from my mom. Every time I touch this I cry," said Cauthen.

Also taken from the home were thousands of dollars worth of hunting rifles, a shotgun and a pistol recently purchased by her brother. The guns were kept in the attic.

Now, Cauthen said she's posting posters around the neighborhood about the burglary. She's also notified the police and area pawn shops to be on the lookout for the jewels.

"I will give you anything you want. Please that's all I have for my mom. That's all I have from her," said Cauthen.
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