Burglars break into woman's home, steal deceased son's dog tags

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The mother of a war hero is sending a heartfelt plea to thieves who stole her son's dog tags.

The break-in happened on Monday at home in southwest Houston when the Mckusker family was gone. According to Mona Mckusker, the thieves broke down the front door, and when the alarm sounded, they went straight for her bedroom and to her jewelry box. Mckusker said she normally wears her deceased son's dog tags, but not that day.

"I was going to put them on, and I said it didn't go with the outfit so I put them aside," said Mckusker. "I don't know if they realize what they had. I was hoping that they would've dropped them outside."

Mckusker said she looked everywhere to see if the thieves may have ditched the dog tags and found nothing.

"They were my sons. I would like them back," said Mckusker. "Drop them in the mailbox when no one is here. Just drop them in there."

Mckusker's son, Dennis Andersen, 32, was a Marine and served in the War Against Terror. He enlisted right out of high school and retired last year after a back injury. He was living in North Carolina when he was killed in a motorcycle crash on Mother's Day. Andersen received a number of metals for his service including a metal of valor.
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