Brothers chase, fatally shoot suspected pickup thief in N. Harris Co.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Two brothers allegedly took the law into their own hands and ended up killing a man early this morning in north Harris County.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says this all started when someone tried to steal a truck belonging to one of the brothers.

The brothers chased the man and ended up shooting him in a parking lot on the North Freeway and West Road.

The brothers told deputies the suspected thief stole a pickup truck from their home in the Fallbrook subdivision around 1am.

The truck alarm woke up the owner and his brother.

They saw their truck and a tan Suburban speeding away and decided to follow it.

The brothers say someone in the Suburban point a gun at them and that's when they pulled out a gun and started shooting.

The suspected thief was killed inside the stolen pickup.

Harris County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Ben Beall said, "Once we identify the suspect dead here at the scene, we'll be able to backtrack to who the Suburban belongs to."

It's not yet clear if the brothers will face charges.
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