Boys finds pipe bomb in yard, throws it across street

NEW ELLENTON, SC (KTRK) -- A suspect is in custody after homemade explosives showed in in residential areas of a small South Carolina town.

Caleb Ogden found one of the explosives in his mother's yard and picked it up, thinking it was a piece of trash as he tossed it across the street.

"Well, I was walking outside and I saw a pipe bomb. I was kind of surprised and shocked," he told WRDW-TV.

While working to dismantle the explosive, authorities discovered a second device in the yard.

"You hear of things like that in, you know, war-torn countries and it's just, it's just unreal. There's no words really to describe just the emotion and the shock," said Lee Ogden, Caleb's mother.

Ogden said that finding an explosive in yard is the last thing she would have expected to happen in her quiet, sleepy town, but now the threat really hits home.

"It's more scary. He's fine, and I am very grateful for that. But you can't help but wonder or think how differently he could have all panned out," she said.

Authorities say that at least three fires have been linked to explosive found elsewhere in the area, although no injuries have been reported.
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