Boy, 8, dies after accidental shooting in SE Houston

HOUSTON -- An eight-year-old child died Thursday after what police are calling an accidental shooting in southeast Houston.

Police say adults left four children alone at a home in the 8400 block Tavenor Lane to go get some food. Two 12-year-old girls were downstairs, while an 11- and eight-year-old were upstairs.

Authorities say the boys got their hands on a an unlocked semi-automatic gun.

"They discovered in one of the upstairs bedrooms two unsecured firearms," said HPD Homicide Detective Robert Klementich. "It's believed, at this time, that the juveniles didn't believe that the firearms were loaded because the magazines were not inserted into the pistols."

The children started tossing it back and forth and the gun discharged, fatally shooting the eight-year-old in the head.

"Actually, I saw him yesterday," said neighbor Gary Jasso. "I was playing football with him and it really is heartbreaking to find that the little kid has been shot."

The children called 911 and their parents.

No word on what charges, if any, will be filed.