Bounty hunter accidentally raids home of Phoenix police chief

PHOENIX, AZ -- An Arizona bounty hunter says he was acting on a Facebook tip earlier this week when he raided the home of the Phoenix police chief, thinking he was getting a suspect, reports KPHO.

Brent Farley owns Northstar Fugitive Recovery. He and other bounty hunters gave Chief Joseph Yahner a rude wake-up call at around 10pm Tuesday. Farley is now sitting in jail.

"There's a window on the side of his door and it looked like he had a gun in his hand, a rifle. It looked like the barrel," said Farley. "At that time, I pulled out my gun. At no time, did I point a weapon at anybody."

After raiding the wrong home, Farley was arrested and is now charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct.

Farley admits the business he owns isn't licensed in Arizona and neither is he as a bounty hunter. But he said other people who were on scene are, and if an arrest was made, it would be one of the others.

And while it's not clear from whom the Facebook tip came, Farley says he probably should have vetted it more carefully.

"I'm sitting in jail," he said. "There's probably a lot I should have done."

Farley's bond is at $2,500. He says when he gets out of jail, he's done with the bounty hunting business.
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