Block of ice crashes through Washington home

MOXEE, WA (KTRK) -- It may be summer, but a family in the Pacific Northwest is dealing with ice.

A large chunk of ice fell out of the sky and into a home near Yakima, Washington. The homeowners called police reporting that a 1 foot-by-1 foot block of ice crashed through the family's roof and attic, breaking through drywall and pink insulation, before landing in a walk-in closet, ABC affiliate KOMO-TV reports.

Police arrived to find a huge hole caused by the 8-pound chunk of ice.

"This thing had to be bowling-ball to volleyball size," homeowner Dwaine Morrison told ABC News. "It had some velocity to it. It came from high up."

No one in the home was hurt, but the ice did cause extensive damage.

"If that hit a person, they're dead," Morrison said.

Investigators believe the ice came from a passing plane, and officials from Yakima airport are assisting with the investigation. null
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