Bikers rally at local bar in NW Harris County

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Hundreds of bikers from dozens of different groups have gathered at a bar in northwest Harris County for a meeting of the Confederation of Clubs.

That's an organization, an umbrella organization of a local biker clubs. Of course they will talk about the shooting, and what happened in Waco in May. But they say this is not the focus today, what they really want to talk about is what they talk about at all of these meetings on a regular basis, what affects bikers every day. And they say, just like what you're seeing now, these meetings are overwhelmingly peaceful and friendly.

"We have hundreds of meetings all across the country every year, we've had 8,000 or 9,000 of these meetings over the last 30 years and there's never been a small problem at them let alone the kind of thing that happened out there. So things will clear up once we sort through what's going on," said Joey Lester, Attorney for Confederation of Clubs.

The bikers say what happened in Waco is really unusual, and they want people to understand that most of the time their meetings are friendly and peaceful, just like this one.
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