Bellaire home ransacked by burglars

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A Bellaire couple is feeling violated and hurt tonight after burglars ransacked their home (KTRK)

A Bellaire couple is feeling violated and hurt tonight after burglars ransacked their home, making off with items worth more than money to the victims.

People on Beverly Hill Street in Bellaire told Eyewitness News the area has been a hot spot lately for break-ins.

"The terror begins when you get a phone call from your wife, and she's crying hysterically, and you hear the terror in her voice that we've been robbed," said Gary Badger, whose home was reported burglarized on Monday.

His wife Nancy Badger said she came home from yoga class to find her backdoor had been forced open. She said she scrambled up the stairs and found her bedroom ransacked, every drawer looted. They found their dachshund, cowering in the corner.

According to Houston police, laptops, iPads, and jewelry were taken. The thieves also took their children's baptism crosses and decades of memories and family heirlooms.

"It's tragic to think that someone has no caring, will come in and violate your life and go away and pass off these things when it means so much more to us, more than the value of the item itself," said Gary.

The Badgers are asking the public to keep an eye out for Nancy's unique, custom-made engagement ring, shown in the video.

The couple said they are jumpy and have nightmares this could happen again.

"It's how it destroys your security, how you feel," said Mrs. Badger. "You're a nervous wreck. You're always locking your doors, even when I'm here."

The Badgers said it doesn't just feel like items are missing - it feels like someone has defiled their 38 years together, all for a quick profit.

The Badgers said, as of Friday, Houston police have reported no progress in this investigation.
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