Bees sting man, dog more than 100 times in California

LOMA LINDA, Calif. -- Bees attacked a 43-year-old man who was giving his dog a bath in their Loma Linda, California backyard on Sunday.

The incident was reported at about noon in the 25500 block of Van Leuven Street. The dog had been sprayed by a skunk the previous night, police said.

The man was stung about 100 times and the 12-year-old golden retriever named Daisy suffered a few hundred bee stings.

"We were able to spray the dog down, got him to a safer area... we tried to get the bees out of the dog's fur with that foam," East Valley Fire Department Capt. Tom De Bellis said.

Three firefighters were also stung and treated at the scene.

Bee hives appeared to have been removed from the home.

The man was taken to a Loma Linda University Medical Center in unknown condition. The dog was given oxygen and Benadryl and taken to a nearby animal hospital. null
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