Baby unhurt as SUV plows into home, smashes crib in Washington

BELLEVUE, WA (KTRK) -- An 8-month-old escaped without a scratch when a SUV smashed into a baby's room.

Bellevue police say the driver accelerated instead of braking as she pulled into a carport Tuesday morning. The SUV jumped a curb and smashed into the apartment building. When first responders arrived they found the vehicle half way into the boy's nursery. The infant was checked out by medics and had no injuries.

"The car actually hit the crib, partially collapsing the crib, but the baby was miraculously not injured." Bellevue police spokesman Seth Tyler said.

The crash caused structural damage to the building, and two apartments were evacuated until the damage can be repaired. Police say the driver's husband was teaching her to how to drive at the time of the wreck.

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