Authorities locate body of drowning victim at northwest Houston lake

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A witness says the man was swimming in the lake when he suddenly began gasping for air then went under (KTRK)

Officials have found the body of a drowning victim from a lake in northwest Houston.

The small lake is located at Hollister near Hammerly.

Witness Michael Owens says he was working on a nearby dock around 2pm when he saw the man swimming in the lake go under.

"(He) was just freestyle swimming, like you would do in your pool, and he's making his way to the dock and he just started gasping for air, asking for help," Owens said. "I don't know if he got a cramp or what had happened to him so I jump in the water, and a buddy of mine that I'm working with me throws a buoy at me and I proceed to try to get the guy, and as I'm swimming out to go get him, he goes under."

Owens said he searched for the man for about 15 minutes but couldn't find him because the water was about 30 foot deep and so murky that he couldn't see past his elbow. That's when authorities were called in.

"I tried everything to try to help the man," Ownes said.

The Houston Fire Department and Houston Police Department dive team spent several hours searching for man. They found him around 6pm.

The victim has been identified as Charles Smith-Green. According to Smith-Green's mother, he was swimming from one lake to the other to show his girlfriend how much he loved her. He was found just yards away from the shore.

"His girlfriend was screaming bloody murder, and it was all left to me to get this guy up. I just couldn't do it. I gave it all I had man," said Owens.

Smith Green was training to be a machinist. The incident was captured on cell phone video, which was used to help dive teams search the area where Smith-Green was last seen.
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