Appliance gas line causes problem for homeowner

SPRING, TX (KTRK) -- A homeowner disputing a warranty claim with a home builder. These types of things can be can be challenging especially when big issues are discovered a few years after moving in. That's what a homeowner from Spring found out.

When the homeowner started having trouble with his gas cook top last summer, he called in a technician to diagnose the problem. In order to replace the appliance, the oven had to be removed.

John Borisow says he has a problem with the way David Weekly Homes installed a gas line behind his oven.

"Not realizing that they still did not have enough room to slide in the oven. What they resorted to doing was taking a blunt instrument and bash in the back side of the oven, to get it to fit in," said Borisow.

Borisow says a gas valve should have been installed on the right instead of the left. In order for the oven to fit, he says the installer smashed the back of it to make it fit. He tells us he's afraid the problem could lead to costly repairs down the road. If he ever needed to replace the oven in the future, he would have to hammer in the back of that new oven, or pay to reroute the gas line so the replacement would fit.

To confirm this, Borisow hired a Master Plumber to inspect the situation.

"He said more than likely this is wrong. They should have been given a blue print as to where to drop that gas line," said Borisow.

Having that information in hand, he put in a claim with the home builder.

After the claim was denied, Borisow filed for arbitration. When we reached out to David Weekly Homes about that arbitration meeting, they told us "We will replace the oven at Mr. Borisow's convenience.

As for fees, he also needs to provide us documentation of his filing fee, and we will reimburse it."

Even though David Weekly Homes has agreed to replace the oven, the question now is, will it fit? And how will they address the issue if the gas line is still preventing proper installation. We'll update you on this story as we learn more.
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