Angleton OB/GYN told he can't deliver babies anymore

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The state says it made the decision because of a history of problems, specifically for not being there when patients needed him

The Texas Medical Board has temporarily restricted an Angleton doctor from delivering babies citing a "continuing threat to the public and welfare" and three fetal deaths.

Dr. Gregory Cooke, 50, is an obstetrician and a gynecologist licensed since 1996. He had privileges at UTMB-Angleton campus which have been suspended, per the Board's order.

According to the order dated June 26, the Board examined the treatment of six patients dating back to 2010. One was cleared, but five had tragic outcomes, including three fetal deaths, and there seems to be pattern.

In four cases, the Board found Dr. Cooke did not respond in a timely manner, despite calls and text messages from nurses.

For instance, in one case where the baby's heart was slowing down, it took him almost two hours to arrive at the hospital and to perform an emergency C-section. The woman's uterus had ruptured and the baby died.

In another case, he was delayed to "get through my office." The baby was stillborn.

A nurse had to deliver another baby and in yet another case it took him 90 minutes to show up after he had ordered a patient to be prepped for a C-section.

Ultimately the Board panel found Dr. Cooke "engaged in a pattern of mismanagement of labor and delivery, resulting in adverse outcomes including fetal demise."

"It doesn't mean he has to quit practicing. They (the Board) just don't want him delivering babies while they investigate further," said Brian Tew, both a doctor and a lawyer who often represents doctors in front of the Texas Medical Board.

Courtney Newton, Cooke's attorney said, "although the temporary suspension hearing was held by the medical board, the board did not suspend Dr. Cooke's medical license. Instead they took temporary action, which he is appealing and we anticipate will be resolved at an expedited hearing."

Cooke did not respond to a call requesting comment.

UTMB- Angleton Campus released this statement:

"Our patients' safety is always our main concern. We take this action very seriously and we are looking into the situation."

Cooke's labor and delivery restriction stands until the Board takes further action. An appeal hearing has not yet been scheduled.
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