Wildlife and Fisheries agents capture and arrest alligator in Louisiana

SLIDELL, Louisiana (KTRK) -- Fire officials in Louisiana had an interesting weekend when they assisted wildlife and fisheries agents in wrangling up an alligator found in the garage of a home.

St. Tammany Fire Protection District #1 in Slidell shared the alligator capture on Facebook on Saturday.

The agents spotted the alligator inside a garage. One of the officers used a rope to drag the gator out, but the animal put up a little fight.

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They were able to get control of the alligator and even put handcuffs on it.

The gator was eventually taken to a safe location to be released.

For some Houston-area residents, alligator sightings are all too familiar. Just recently in Fort Bend County, a big alligator was spotted roaming a neighborhood after the storms in Richmond. It even walked up to the front step of a home.

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