Community activists upset after they say no arrests made in attack

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A woman in Houston says she was attacked, robbed and even forced to get food for her attackers.

And she knew who they were.

When she went to police, she told them who to find, but she says no arrests have been made.

Sunday, community activists held a press conference asking why investigators aren't doing more to catch those suspects.

The incident happened three months ago when a man came to her door and she opened it, because she knew him.

She doesn't want to be identified because the man is still out there, she said. That man sexually assaulted her for an hour, then forced her to withdraw money from an ATM, she said.

"That's when one of my friends showed up and shots were fired," she said. "I was running for my life."

The bullets missed her and her friend. The suspects were identified by the woman and warrants were issued, but there's been little publicity, says Quanell X, who is representing the woman.

"This lady was violated in every way a woman could be violated, and you know who they are," Quanell X said. "There should've been a press conference by them, not us... alerting the public."

A representative of the Harris County Sheriff's Office says its investigator will be contacted regarding the case Monday in response to our request for a comment.

A court document names Usaveus Austin and Corinna Butler as defendants in the case. Both are charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Neither is in custody.
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