Accused serial killer speaks to ABC-13 from jail

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- "Justice will be served."

That's what accused serial killer, Jamie Walter, told Eyewitness News reporter Pooja Lodhia from jail this afternoon.

Walter is accused of killing three men, one of whom is his father.

Police say they found the three bodies inside a Northwest Houston warehouse on September 8th.

Police are also investigating a possible fourth victim.

Today, Walter appeared dazed. He denied involvement with any of the killings.

He described his father as a "real good guy" who he was "very close" with.

Walter described the other men who were found dead as his close friends. When asked how he found out about their deaths, he said, "I seen them."

He accused an ex-girlfriend of the killings and said, "She should be in here with me."

When asked how he was doing in jail, Walter said, "Well, I'm facing capital murder charges."

Walter refused to answer questions about whether he was framed. He also didn't comment on allegations that he was involved in a white supremacist group.

Walter is being held at the Harris County jail with no bond.
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