ABC-13 tracks down-closed prom dress store owner in Tennessee

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- We traveled more than a 1,000 miles for one reason hoping to Track down the owner of Houston-based dress shop Prom 101, and we found her.

ABC-13 showed up at Reca Cagle's father's home in Madisonville Tennessee. Cagle didn't come out, but agreed to give me a call.

Customers say they paid for their dresses from the store on Highway 6, but when they came to pick them up, the store was closed.

"I lost the lease. I'll be honest with you, it was money. I could not get people to pay for their dresses and come pick them up. People to pay for their dresses and come pick them up I would've been able to pay for my rent," Cagle said. "I sent everybody a text message and email and a phone call please come meet me at the Holiday Inn so we can get you fitted and I fit dresses from 18 April to May 18."

So how much did she owe in rent? According to documents, Cagle owes the landlord $99,000.

Eyewitness News uncovered Cagle filed for bankruptcy on May 6 and she still has outstanding bills with various dress companies.

We also spoke with the Prom 101 store manager who says Cagle left without paying workers two checks and commission.

Cagle also had similar complaints at her Prom 101 pop up store in Knoxville, TN. She says it closed after a worker embezzled money. Cagle told me the Houston store was just a business adventure gone wrong and she's given back refunds and doing all she can to make things right.

"I've been shipping dresses out. Every day I ship two today. I'm shipping them out as soon as people pay their balance," Cagle said.

Cagle shared a text message me from a satisfied customer who wrote, "I got the dress and it fits perfect. I'm going to let everyone know how helpful you were."

Cagle says she's done opening any more stores.
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