911 dispatcher hailed a hero after helping save newborn baby's life

RICHMOND, TX (KTRK) -- Many are calling a Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office dispatcher a hero after she calmly guided a couple through CPR after the emergency birth of their premature newborn this past Friday.

David Flores' wife was about seven months pregnant, and on that Friday morning, in their Richmond home, she felt pain in her belly.

They got ready to go to the hospital, but it was too late -- the newborn was ready to come out.
She delivered in her home, but when the baby arrived, he wasn't breathing.

Flores said though both he and his wife have medical backgrounds, it was a terrifying moment.

"It's an experience you don't ever wish on anyone," said Flores.

The couple called 911 and got Kendra Anderson on the other side. She gave the couple CPR instructions for a newborn, and after mouth-to-mouth and chest compression, the baby began breathing.

Anderson said she was overjoyed that the baby survived.

"Immediately I go into help mode. I'm the encouraging voice on the other line," said Anderson. "These people need instruction, and I'm going to give it to them. I'm taking my feelings out of it."

"To have to give CPR to your own child, it's not something you ever want to go through," said Flores. "We are very thankful that she was calm and able to guide us through it."

This baby is the fourth child in the Flores family. Interestingly, the dad also had to emergency deliver their last baby, a girl who reached full term but arrived in as big hurry as her little brother.

To hear excerpts of the 911 recording, play the video.
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