DIY 4th of July Lantern

You will need:
Red, white, and blue spray paint
28 oz. can (such as can of tomatoes)
Hammer and nail
Small sticks, moss and dried flowers
6 inch and 4 inch wooden craft circles

4 inch glass globe
2-3 battery operated tea lights
Hot glue gun

Remove label from can, fill with water and freeze until solid
Spray sticks with red, white, and blue paint
Spray wooden craft circles desired color
Once water filled can is frozen solid, using nail and hammer make holes in can in desired pattern.
Run hot water over can to remove ice, dry thoroughly, then spray paint desired color on outside only
Center can over larger wooden craft circle then hot glue red, white, and blue sticks. Moss, and dried flowers around it onto the wooden circle. (I decorated the top of the can as well by hot gluing some scrap burlap)
Place BATTERY OPERATED tea lights in can
Place small wooden craft circle on top of can, then candle in center and glass globe over the candle. (I used a dollar store candle that is in a glass container)