Fecal matter water advisories issued for some Galveston County beaches

GALVESTON, TX (KTRK) -- A warning for those people heading to Galveston this 4th of July weekend: 15 of 52 beaches in Galveston County have beach water advisories.

An advisory is issued when a test site shows an elevated level of a bacterial indicator of fecal matter. According to the Galveston County Health Department, these advisories are not uncommon after periods of heavy rain and 15 is not a historically high number.

For more information on the beaches, go to TexasBeachWatch.com.

Current Galveston Island beach advisories:
GAL021 - GISP #6 - Bayside
GAL034 - 60th St.
GAL036 - San Luis Resort
GAL053 - East Beach/Apffel Park #2

Current Bolivar beach advisories:
GAL058 - Retilon Road
GAL062 - O'Neil Rd.
GAL064 - Crystal Beach Road
GAL065 - Gulf Shores Drive
GAL066 - Alberdie Road - Emerald Beach #2
GAL067 - Barbados Rd
GAL068 - Gilmore Street Access
GAL069 - Center Road
GAL070 - Driftwood
GAL074 - Deens Street
GAL075 - Church street
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