Texas House approves bill to ban texting while driving

AUSTIN, TX -- The Texas House has approved a statewide ban on texting while driving, advancing a plan that cleared the Legislature previously but fell victim to a gubernatorial veto - and may face a similar fate this time.

Sponsored by Midland Republican and former House Speaker Tom Craddick, the bill allows police to stop drivers suspected of texting. It passed 102-40 Wednesday, after hours of debate.

Critics say it infringes on personal liberty and is unnecessary since 38 local ordinances, affecting most Texans, are already in place.

Others worry it creates a "slippery slope," allowing police to stop virtually anyone without proof of texting.

Lawmakers approved a statewide texting ban in 2011, but then-Gov. Rick Perry vetoed it.

Gov. Greg Abbott says "it's premature" to say whether he'll veto a ban.
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