Selfie sticks now banned at the Smithsonian, other US museums

A popular gadget that's all the rage on social media is getting knocked down a peg. US museums are banning the use of the selfie stick.

Officials say they're worried guests who are snapping selfies may be so distracted that they run into, and possibly damage, priceless artwork.

Last month, the Washington Post reported that several of the Smithsonian affiliates began banning selfie sticks, calling them a safety hazard. Now, the sticks have been officially banned at all of the Smithsonian's locations.

"This is a preventive measure to protect visitors and objects, especially during crowded conditions," the policy now states.

The Smithsonian says while the selfie sticks are banned, taking a selfie is not.

"We encourage museum visitors to take selfies and share their experiences and leave the selfie sticks in their bags," the policy reads.

Other major museums across the country also have selfie stick bans, but so far on Houston, none of the museums here have banned the device.
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