Mom of boy who proposed to Disney princesses speaks out against online critics

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The mother of a boy who proposed to several Disney princesses on a recent trip to Disney World is speaking out against online bullies on ABC13's Facebook page who criticized her son's long-haired look, as well as intentions for going public with the story.

Jenny Holdin Holden posted these messages:

"This is my son, and yes he's a boy. He loves his long hair, and at the end of the day-it's just hair! He's happy, healthy, and very confident in himself, and that's all that matters!"

She added, "Also, no one coerced or forced him into it. If you actually watch the video, you'd be able to tell how absolutely elated he was. Sad when people make fun of a HAPPY child. Complain about the negativity in the news all the time, and when something sweet comes along, you squish it. Very unfortunate. Oh well. That is your choice. We choose to be happy, and we are THRILLED this happy story is spreading all over the world!"

Holden also posted a link to her blog in which she discusses child hair length.

ABC-13 Facebook messages on Holden's post were largely supportive of Holden after her message.

One comment by Jenny Phillips reads, "Thank you for sharing with us Jenny. Ignore the miserable people. Way more are smiling with you."

Another, Amanda Harding Tuttle writes, "Jenny, I've been on your page and group forever. Your kids are freaking adorable and awesome. When it come down to it, you and Mr. HH are obviously doing something right. ... Keep raising cute, funny, amazing boys. Screw the haters!"

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