5 Westfield firefighters fired, 1 suspended after hazing video

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) -- Five part-time Westfield firefighters have been fired and a volunteer firefighter has been suspended after a hazing video surfaced on social media.

According to an incident report, a concerned citizen shared a video involving the hazing of rookie firefighter Ruben Orozco that happened on March 10.

The video shows Orozco strapped and restrained on a backboard being doused with water and other liquid and powder food items, according to the report. He was also verbally abused by other firefighters.

Westfield Fire Chief Stephen Whitehead and Assistant Fire Chief Will Goodroe met with Orozco about the incident. The report states that he was not injured and did not want to file a formal complaint with the fire department or any other agency.

Since the hazing involved a water boarding type activity, five firefighters who participated in the hazing were terminated and one other firefighter was suspended.

"Although our employee handbook clearly states in section 7.4 that this type activity is clearly prohibited, I felt an additional, more comprehensive procedure was needed," Whitehead said. null
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