HCC graduate regains cognitive skills after accident

SUGAR LAND, TX -- A near fatal injury motivated Susan Sidell to enroll at Houston Community College. An accident caused the mother of three to lose most of her cognitive and math skills. She gained an interest in science during rehabilitation.

Doctors told her she would likely never regain all her cognitive skills, but Sidell refused to believe them. She took classes at HCC to re-learn basic math like fractions and multiplication. Her hard work paid off and she was accepted into a program sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security and administered by the West Houston Center for Science and Engineering.

"Susan is actually typical of a large number of HCC students who are looking for the opportunity to overcome obstacles, demonstrate their talents, their motivation and their desire to move forward with their education," said Bartlett M. Sheinberg, program director for WHC. "The various grants obtained at the WHC provides the opportunity to identify these talented students and set them on an exciting pathway which leads to completion of their undergraduate and graduate school goals and enter exciting and rewarding careers."

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