Man seeks to reunite old wedding photo album with owners

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Marco Fregoso bought an old wedding photo album from a Lincoln Heights furniture store for $15. Now, he's hoping to reunite the lost memento to its rightful owner.

Fregoso purchased the album from Revival Furniture. It's dated March 22, 1951 and contains photos of Phyllis and Stanley on their big day.

Phyllis and Stanley are shown on their wedding day.

"I feel like, maybe if they are still alive, that they would want it, if not the children. I want to make sure it goes back to the rightful owners," Fregoso said.

An inscription inside the album may be a clue that the wedding took place in New York.

An inscription inside a photo album found at a furniture store in Lincoln Park may be a clue to the rightful owner.

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