4 men, 4 dead deer found in 1 MINI Cooper

ORANGE COUNTY, FL (KTRK) -- Florida deputies in Orange County this week found four men with four deer all stuffed inside a MINI Cooper.

The men said they partied all night, then went on an illegal, out-of-season 3am joy ride and deer hunt. Then, they all passed out.

They woke up to deputies peering into their fogged-up car the next morning.

John Block, a neighbor, said, "That is crazy. My first thought was it must have been a stretch MINI Cooper because there's no way it was a MINI Cooper."

Another neighbor Alicia Diggs said, "I would have personally probably picked a truck rather than a two-door MINI Coop, with four guys in it."

Deputies say that MINI Cooper stalled out before the men all went to sleep.

We also have to mention that in addition to the dead deer, deputies also found marijuana in the car.
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