Close encounter with gators on Lake Livingston stuns boaters

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The boater estimates the largest of the two alligators is 16-feet-long with lots of teeth. (VIDEO: Tree Richards) (KTRK)

A man's boating adventure with his wife and son on Lake Livingston was cut short when they had a close encounter with some very big alligators.

Video shot by Tree Richards, of Conroe, shows the boat getting perilously close to two alligators that were apparently sunbathing by the lake.

"That sucker is bigger than our boat!" Richards can be heard saying.

Richards said the smaller alligator is about 12-feet-long, while a bigger gator seen splashing underwater as the boat got closer is estimated to be about 16 feet.

The gator's quick getaway left both boaters in shock.

"Okay, you ready to go?"

"Yeah, let's go!"

"I'm ready to go."

Richards says he sees the gators at the lake all the time.

Richards said he has reached out to Texas Parks and Wildlife officials to report that he's seen the gators.

He says he hasn't seen them be aggressive, but he does his best to stay at a good distance.
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