69-year-old woman allegedly tries to kill daughter with ax in fight over chores

A 69-year-old woman from Ohio is accused of trying to hack her daughter with a hatchet after a dispute about chores.

"She decided to attack her daughter with the hatchet because she was angry over the daughter disciplining her granddaughter," said New Miami police chief Ross Gilbert told WXIX-TV.

Gilbert said the grandmother grabbed a hatchet and took a swipe at her daughter.

"(The daughter) sustained about three or four lacerations on her arm. I believe she got it on her hip as well," Gilbert said.

The grandmother also cut herself on the arm before calling 911.

"Yes, I did it on purpose," she told a dispatcher. "I just wanted to escape from my daughter."

Police say the woman was trying to kill her daughter, but she wasn't successful.

"She was just that angry and that upset," said Gilbert. "She said, 'Unfortunately, due to my age, I didn't have enough energy to finish the job.'"

The woman has not been charged, but she was taken into police custody.
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