Babysitter finds possible ecstasy on park grounds in The Heights

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A woman says she was with a 4-year-old when she found a pill in a small baggie at Donovan Park in The Heights.

While playgrounds in Houston are a hot spot for family-friendly fun, a babysitter in The Heights told authorities she was shocked by what she found at a popular place where children gather.

The woman was watching a 4-year-old at Donovan Park when she came across a tiny pill, just about the size of an Advil, contained in a baggie on the sidewalk.

The Harris County Precinct 1 Constable's Office says it is extremely concerned. They are now testing the pill, but preliminarily believe it's ecstasy.

If you glance around the area on Heights Boulevard at 7th Street, it seems like a safe place for families, with shops and restaurants welcoming guests across the street.

News of the babysitter's discovery had parents feeling both guarded and on alert Monday afternoon at the park.

"This is somewhere where small children are picking stuff up off the ground and putting it in their mouth," park visitor Courtnie Hays said. "It's very scary as a mom. You can't trust that they're going to bring you everything."

Constable Alan Rosen says he has stepped up patrols in the area, but might even have to take things a step further.

"We may even put some people in the park to see what's going on there. May even put up an undercover camera," Rosen said.

He says one of the biggest concerns is that you don't know where these drugs came from or what they're laced with.
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