3 people killed after car plows into trick-or-treaters in Bronx

BRONX, NY -- One minute the streets in Morris Park were filled with the happy chant of trick-or-treaters. The next it was overcome by screams of horror.

"We heard the screeching 'boom boom boom' kids were crying, people were screaming," says neighbor Fabio Cotza.

It was 5 p.m. on Halloween night, and Morris Park Avenue in the Bronx was crowded with costumed kids going door-to-door for candy, when according to police, a car jumped the curb. Eyewitness News is told at least half a dozen trick-or-treaters and their families never had a chance to get out of the way.

Officials confirm that some of the victims were trapped under the car, and others went flying. Neighbors thought the severed body parts were just gruesome Halloween props, until they realized that the nightmare was real.

"I didn't comprehend what I was seeing until I realized what I was seeing. I had to walk away. Too much involved," says resident John del Giudice.

Gloria del Giudice says the scene was horrible, and that grown men were crying.

Victims were rushed to the hospital, including the 53-year-old male driver. As investigators try to figure out how and why he lost control, neighbors are still left with the haunting images of the victims.

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