Single mom creates ride-sharing app for kids

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A single mom created the ride-sharing app that's like Uber for kids (WTVD)

Football practice, dance class, early school have a lot of places they need to be. One local single mom found it impossible to be everywhere at once.

So, she created a ride service. It's an app she says is like Uber, but for kids.

"I got an email from my son's coach saying practice was at 5:00 Mondays and Wednesdays," said app creator Stacy Shannon. ""I worked until 5, so I panicked!"

Shannon is like a lot of parents. She works full-time, and has kids with full-time activities. She got tired of racing around town or frantically trying to find them rides, so she created a ride service called GoKart NC.


"GoKart is a ride share service, much like Uber, but for kids 6-16."

They way it works is very similar to other ride-sharing apps. You plug in your pick up and drop off location and times. Then, you get to choose your driver. For children too young for a cell phone, the driver has a password.

Input a pick up and drop of location and time on the app

The drivers go through a rigorous investigation process.

"All the drivers have child care experience, they're 7-year background checked, they are referenced checked, DMV checked and drug checked," Shannon explained.

Some of her hired drivers include a former day care director, a teacher, a med student, and a nanny.

Pick your driver for your child's ride

"It's like having a mom drive your kids when you can't," Shannon said. "There's certain times we just can't leave due to work obligations or something."

Mandy Willison uses GoKart to get her son to and from football practice.

"It's been a lifesaver for us working parents," Willison shared.

GoKart costs $12 for the first five miles, and $1.50 for every additional mile. GoKart also needs 4 hours advance notice unless you have an emergency.
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