eHarmony launches job site, 'Elevated Careers'

eHarmony has helped millions of people find love, and now the company wants to help people find jobs that they love. On Friday, eHarmony launched a job website called Elevated Careers, which matches job seekers to companies based on culture, values and personality.

eHarmony's founder and CEO has been teasing the idea since 2013.

"So many people don't like the job they're currently in," Warren told CNNMoney in February 2016. "They usually perceive it as a problem with their boss."

Elevated careers wants to match people to employers based on 24 dimensions of culture, values and personality. Job seekers upload a resume and then complete five brief surveys.

Questions range from basic facts like where you live, your gender and age (though it says this information won't be shared with employers). Then, it asks about your dream company. Is it innovative? Does it have flexible hours? Free snacks?

Next, it gets more personal: Do you get frequently irritated? Are you competitive? It also asks about your current job and company culture.

It takes about 25 minutes to complete and job seekers are encouraged to take their time while filling out the survey.

At the end, you'll get a compatibility scorecard for your current job and a look at how you compare to the general U.S. population in terms of job satisfaction. You'll receive about five potential job matches a week -- or you can also search the listings, all of which will offer a compatibility score.

Elevated Careers is working with Simply Hired, which will supply it with roughly 2.5 million job postings a day.
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