Dog with braces spreads smiles around the world

Dogs don't generally seem to care about their pearly whites, but this Golden Retriever is an exception. Wesley the dog had a series of dental issues and is getting relief in his mouth thanks to a set of braces.

The Harborfront Hospital for Animals in Spring Lake, Michigan, posted photos Saturday on Facebook of Wesley, outfitted with braces.

Wesley belongs to Molly Moore, the daughter of the clinic's veterinarian, Dr. James Moore, who is called a "doggie dentist" in the Facebook post.

"He wasn't able to fully close his mouth and chew well and he stopped playing with his toys because of the pain and started losing weight because he couldn't eat," Molly Moore told ABC News of Wesley.

The braces were put on Wesley on Feb. 19 and should come off this week, according to Moore.
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