FIVE TO FAB: New Year weight loss detox

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- We all want to look and feel our best. Well, each week, we're sharing five tips, five items, five products, five ingredients, five steps, five minutes to a more fabulous you, which is why we call it Five to Fab!!!

It's the New Year, and what are most of us trying to do? LOSE WEIGHT! Well, a good way to jump start the weight loss journey is through detoxing. Sustain Juicery creates juice cleanses for folks who want to lose weight, feel more energetic, and just get healthy.

The cleanses can be done over different lengths of time, and some of the ingredients used in juicing can really get the metabolism revving. An added tip from me: start this on the weekend when you are home and comfortable with your own restroom nearby. Everybody reacts differently to this type of cleanse, if you know what I mean!

Here are Five ingredients to help with your weight loss if you choose to juice!

    1. Burdock: aids liver function; clear skin, detoxifies blood, high in fiber, reduces cancer risk, stimulates digestion, treats hormonal imbalances
    2. Habanero/cayenne pepper: aids digestion; support weight loss; burn calories, anti-cancer
    3. Grapefruit: suppresses appetite, minimize acidity in system, aids digestion, treats influenza and fever, reduces starch levels, stimulates colon
    4. Dandelion Green: aids in digestion, detoxifies blood, high in protein, improves kidney function, lowers cholesterol, reduces stress, stimulates liver
    5. Ginger: absorbs nutrients, aids in digestion, anti-inflammatory components, clears sinuses, overcomes nausea, protects against ovarian/colorectal cancer

Sustain Juicery creates weight loss juice plans for their clients. Here are some juice combos they often make.

Revival - kale, collard green, spinach, parsley, cucumber, celery, lime, ginger, cayenne

Supreme Being - grapefruit, pineapple, lime, ginger, habanero

Sweet & Sour - grapefruit, carrot, lime, ginger

Turmeric Tonic - turmeric, lemon, ginger, coconut water, cayenne

Show Your Roots - kale, collard green, dandelion green, apple, beet, burdock, lemon
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