PHOTOS: Prostitution sting in Austin nets 28 arrests

AUSTIN, TX (KTRK) -- Dozens of people were arrested last week in a prostitution sting in Austin. The operation was conducted by the Austin Police Department and the Texas Office of Attorney General, and targeted people they say were providing sexual services for fees as well as those attempting to buy sex.

The results of the sting are below.

28 were arrested for Purchasing Prostitution (all Class B Misdemeanors)
5 arrests for Prostitution - Class B Misdemeanor and one additional warrant pending
2 arrests for Prostitution - enhanced to State Jail Felony
6 other misdemeanor arrests

Additional felony charges:
One subject charged above with Purchasing Prostitution also attempted to evade in his vehicle. He was additionally charged with Evading in a Vehicle and he had additional felony warrants.
Another subject charged above with Purchasing Prostitution was also charged with State Jail Felony of a Controlled Substance (Cocaine).
One subject who was attempting to interfere with one of the street operations was arrested for Pedestrian in the Roadway and then became combative. She was also charged with Resisting Arrest.

Individuals arrested and their charges:
The following males were arrested for agreeing to purchase sexual services in exchange for money:
Carlos Rivera, Prostitution (Class B)
Nathaniel Schlueter, Prostitution (Class B)
Dayan Echevarria, Prostitution (Class B)
Arnold Figueroa, Prostitution (Class B)

Alvaro Rico-Quintero, Prostitution (Class B)
Juan Sifuentes, Prostitution (Class B)
Javier, Farias-Hernandez, Prostitution (Class B)
Raul Hernandez-Escobedo, Prostitution (Class B)
Omar Perez-Gonzalez, Prostitution (Class B)
Daniel Camacho, Prostitution (Class B)
Angel Gonzalez-Mendez, Prostitution (Class B)
Israel Cardoso-Reyna, Prostitution (Class B)
Josue Kula-Ntete, Prostitution (Class B)
Davis Perez, Prostitution (Class B)
Christopher Garcia, Prostitution (Class B)
Louis, Leyendecker, Prostitution (Class B)
Edgar Gomez, Prostitution (Class B)
Victor Alfonso, Prostitution (Class B)
Uvaldo Contreras,Prostitution (Class B)
Jose Morales, Prostitution (Class B)
Edilberto Arias-Lopez, Prostitution (Class B)
Bany Jimenez-Garcia, Prostitution (Class B)
Richard Busch, Prostitution (Class B)
Gerardo Tapia, Prostitution (Class B)
Martin Yanez-Conejo, Prostitution (Class B)
Julio Orellano, Prostitution (Class B)
Allan Martinez, Prostitution (Class B)
Hicham Bouguil, Prostitution (Class B)

The following females were arrested for agreeing to provide sexual services in exchange for money:
Robin Krebs, Prostitution (Class B)
Paula Bataineh, Prostitution (Class B)
Jennifer Camacho-Luis, Prostitution (State Jail Felony)
Andrea Trejo, Prostitution (Class B)
Roxanne Novick, Prostitution (State Jail Felony)
Taylor Moore, Prostitution (Class B)
Haley McDaniels, Prostitution (Class B)

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