Only in New York: Large raccoon prompts 911 calls about tiger roaming street

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, Manhattan -- New York City is known for its rats and cockroaches, but on Thursday morning, the NYPD received several 911 calls that would rattle the sturdiest of Big Apple residents.

Police say they received several calls just before 8 a.m. reporting a small tiger or similar animal in the street near West 162nd Street and St. Nicholas Avenue in Washington Heights.

ESU responded to the scene, and officers were able to safely catch what turned out to be a large raccoon.

It was taken in a cage to a nearby shelter.

There were no injuries reported.

Animal Care Centers of NY, which took custody of the raccoon from the NYPD, later released the following statement:

"The raccoon was brought into our facility and was euthanized as required by law for all vector species animals brought into the shelter. Raccoons, bats and skunks are classified as a rabies vector species (RVS), which means it's an animal that can carry and transmit rabies. Technically, any mammal can do so, but raccoons are a higher risk. Thus, the animal is subject to certain laws by state."
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