Finally free: "Carsicle" pried from frozen New York parking space

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Thursday, January 14, 2016
Frozen car freed from parking space
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A car frozen solid to a parking space in New York was freed from the space

HAMBURG, NY (KTRK) -- The car frozen in ice earlier this week in New York is now free of its parking space.

The car was parked at a restaurant in Hamburg, New York, near Lake Erie.

Lake-effect snow and low temperatures froze the car in place for days.

Station WIVB reports crews were able to melt enough of the ice to tow the car away to a body shop.

"Twenty years of doing this, I've never seen an adventure of that magnitude," Lenny Lwanenko, of Lake Erie Towing, told WIVB. "I was excited to get the call."

WIVB reports Lwanenko's crew put to work 350 pounds of calcium chloride for roughly 20 minutes to free the car just enough to get it to a nearby body shop where it will undergo any necessary repairs.

Although the car is gone, the ice frame that brought the car fame is still standing.