Law enforcement crackdown on impaired driving through the New Year

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Law enforcement agencies are taking extra steps to keep the roads safe on New Year's Eve.

Authorities say they're even more concerned about the holiday this year.

The district attorney's office is calling the holiday weekend a terrifying five day stretch for drinking and driving.

Officials say they are worried that with so many people off Friday through Monday, there will be even more intoxicated drivers on the road than we've seen in the past years.

"This is a terrifying five day stretch we're about to come into," said Sean Teare with the Harris County DA's Vehicular Crimes Division. "It's a five day, alcohol-fueled weekend."

Just this week, two Houston police officers were injured in a fiery crash caused by a suspected drunk driver.

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One of the officers involved, John Daily, sustained burns to half of his body. Friday morning, he's still in the hospital recovering from surgeries.

Daily's partner, Officer Alonzo Reid, was also injured in the crash, but he is now recovering at home.

Agencies are planning to secure search warrants for blood samples for anyone arrested for DWI who refuses to provide one voluntarily.

"We have extra officers out there looking for DWIs. We have extra prosecutors at the substations writing the search warrants. We have nurses at the substation ready to draw the blood. We have judges volunteering to sign the search warrants," said Teare. "It is a one-stop shop if we catch you."

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