Neil Patrick Harris reveals he's hosting the 2015 Oscars in awesome video tweet

In a tongue-and-cheek way of hinting at his next performance gig, Neil Patrick Harris shared a video via his Twitter account, revealing that he will be hosting the Academy Awards next year. Take a look.

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The video begins as Harris ends a phone conversation by saying, "I'm in."

Turning toward the camera and laughing, the camera pans down to a notepad with the headline "NPH's Bucket List," listing some of Harris' real life accomplishments such as:

"Jump out of a plane." Check.
"Saw a lady in half." Check.
"Win a Tony Award." Check.
"Have children." Check, and so on.

At the bottom of the list, however, is the one unchecked item: "Host the Oscars." Neil ends the video by ominously circling this last item with a pen.

Following Harris' announcement, the Academy Awards submitted a press release statement confirming Harris as host of the 87th Academy Awards.

The 2014 Oscar ceremony, with host Ellen DeGeneres, smashed ratings records when it was announced as the most-watched entertainment telecast in 10 years.

What kind of acts do you want to see from the film actor/TV legend/Broadway star/magician/constant internet sensation? Let us know in the comments below.

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