Neighbors: Man lived with brother's dead body for weeks

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. -- A home in Pennsylvania is at the center of a death investigation Wednesday night.

Neighbors say it was a family friend who asked police to make a welfare check at the house.

"The first police car showed up around 3 p.m., I guess for a wellness check, and then a second car, and then a third car, and a fourth car," resident Christian Hyldahl said.

Suddenly the home was the scene of a suspicious death investigation.

Behind a labyrinth of overgrown shrubs, and wild weed, a man was slowly decomposing in his family's Delaware County home.

Resident Ginny Deyong said, "Finding out one of the brothers had died and been in the house for over two weeks, I was kind of shocked."

ABC News was there as detectives appeared to put on hazmat suits and opened windows to access the two story home.

Neighbors say two brothers, both in their 50s, lived at the address, but often kept to themselves.

"Last Week, I was pulling out of the driveway, the one brother was pulling out and he waved at me, which was weird because they're not very social. So he waved at me, and I waved back, and that was the last I saw of him," Hyldahl said.

Not knowing, that would be the last time Christian Hyldahl would ever see the younger of the two brothers alive.

A resident admitted off camera to ABC News, she had walked past the home a week earlier and smelled a foul odor, but never suspected the source was her neighbor rotting.

It's not clear exactly when he died, or how.

Our repeated requests for information went unanswered from authorities, but we do know - is there's no immediate indication of foul play.

"It's sad because the other brother is going to have to live somewhere else now because he certainly can't take care of himself." Hyldahl said.

Neighbors describe that other brother as suffering from mental health problems. He was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.

The medical examiner's office has not determined a cause of death.

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