Astronauts celebrate 4th of July from space and want to give you this message

Three astronauts took a moment to honor the 244th birthday of the United States from space.

Chris Cassidy, the commander of the International Space Station, said two other astronauts celebrated the Fourth of July with the video above.

"Even though we are living during unprecedented, challenging times the spirit and resolute will of our country has never been stronger as we give thanks for the freedom and the bounty of riches our nation provides all of us," said another astronaut.

One of the astronauts in the video had the American flag that was launched on the very first space shuttle mission in 1981 and that was flown on the final space shuttle mission from nine years ago. They hope to launch that same flag again when they land in space.

"Our flag is not only symbolic of our fervent love of our country but represents the spirit of American drive and exploration," said Cassidy.

He also said to take a moment to reflect on American history and all that freedom has to offer.
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