MANICURE MELTDOWN: Customer angry about fake nails causes more than $2,000 in damage to salon

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Woman goes on wild rampage in nail salon
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Woman goes on wild rampage in nail salon

HAZELWOOD, Missouri (KTRK) -- New video shows a violent rampage at a nail salon in Hazelwood, Missouri.

The manager says the customer was angry over the fake nails she just had put on.

You can see the woman push over racks of nail polish and throw items on the floor. The manager estimates the damage at $2,000.

"I think that would be more of a lesson than sitting in a jail cell, to have to stand up as a woman and apologize for your actions and to have to pay for what you did," said Jeanna Gwinn-Williams, manager of the nail salon.

Police say the woman turned herself in after the security video was posted online. She is charged with felony property damage.